1. Hey (Yaweh)

From the recording The Vault


My father don’t mess around
He really died for me
And this I know for sure
when the world doesn’t notice me
My father holds the keys
And he will open doors
The thought of not believing
After you was bleeding
Is killin me right now … ow
Thank God for the Holy Spirit
Cause he’s praying for me when I don’t know how
(& when I pray)
sometimes I start with “hey Yah ahhh weh.. hey Yah”

You really bought it
Ooh you really bought it
The wages for my sin
Yeah you paid for it allll
We get together
Ooh we get together
Me & your Holy Spirit yeah he comes
When I call
Cuz in this world nothing last forever
but your word
Your word will never fade so I keep it my heart
That’s all I treasure
I use to wonder
Why you why you why you
You put me on this earth
Lord I wuna come back home
Lord you know I’m not happy here
Yahweh yah
(Hey yah)