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You know.. it’s like that word “Love” get Tossed around alot.
But God showed me what Love really was

They say love me
But they don’t love me like you do (2x)

So tell me where I’d be
Without your grace and your mercy upon me
Without your tender love and your kindness
Before I met you I thought love was
My homie frontin me a pound a weed
Your love was all I needed
Came from the slum where they slimy & Grimy
Where they’ll kill you and kiss on yo mommy

You change my life forever when you put
Your Holy Spirit inside me oh yeah yeh

All of yo commandments
Really keep me afloat (John 14:15-31
My enemies and friends
You told me to love em both (Matthew 5:43-48
I’m knowing that your love deeper than the ocean floor, ask me how I know

Cuz you gave your only son just so I could live
I feel that if I die , I’m goin to live with him
I live under your shadow in another realm
I’m rooted in Christ I guess that’s where the love stem from yeah